The internet is a living being — one decaying at an alarming rate.

With the reality of link rot, theories of the “dead internet” and artificial intelligence quickly overrunning the world wide web, the digital landscape of our online world is changing rapidly.

APXNB aims to capture the zeitgiest of internet culture in physical form, imbuing each page with relevant contextualized content (think memes, music, gossip and so much more) with “hyperlinks” (paperlinks) which link to a database virtually free of ‘link rot’.

APXNB is the Cyrillic word for archive — taking inspiration from a personal cultural background.

Each cover features unique artwork, found media and culturally relevant content — showcasing the best (and sometimes worst) the internet has to offer.

The analog nature of APXNB as an “offline internet archive” inspires the format throughout the publication — The cover aims to mimic the look of a polaroid, meant to capture the current moment.

Contextual elements allow the reader to use their smartphone to expand relavant information or continue a longer article.

“Paperlinks” can be anything from contextual information on the article, keywords, social media posts, comment sections etc.

An end-of-year issue encapsulates the best of each issue along with updated statistics, corrections, link updates and highlights etc.