Designed as a tool for inudstry professionals such as maintence, inspection and rescue teams. — a blockchain of digital user interactions placed atop the real world.

Driven by an offline system, controlled by intuition, FIELD makes the world your
personal interface.

While on a hike, you see a glowing flower in the field. You approach and see a message attached. You read it, and smile.

A well-calibrated real-world interface overlay
for IoT integration.  A world where thought controls whatever you need it to.



Screens deserve an upgrade. The control panel of our digital lives should not be dictated by a screen in our hands.

The Ferrofluid Interactive Electromagnetic Layered Display [FIELD] eliminates the need for a display in front of your eyes.
Rather, you look through the interface itself.


Clothing with perception

Metaphysical Mapped

Exploring the very center of being.


Clothing with perception

Intra Feed

low-latency internet access

Future Interfaces


A story of meeting the quantum world.

A fictional peice which mediatates on the current evolution of digital wellbeing. An idea of reinventing the virtual landscape by having it learn from us.